Chanel Premiere watch, the ultimate timeless elegance....

Chanel Premiere watch, the ultimate timeless elegance....

Amongst loads of lovely timepieces for women, personally I consider Chanel's premiere collection epitomizes the ultimate French elegance, pedigree, history and fine art of making timepieces. Originally debuted in 1987, its genesis involves a generous helping of luxury romance as only the French can imagine.

The signal octagonal case and cut-corner sapphire crystal are based on the legendary silhouette of the Chanel N°5 bottle stopper and the geometric proportions of the Place Vendôme where Chanel haute joaillerie is located. Inspired by the simplicity cherished by Mademoiselle Chanel, the minimalist black lacquered dial is set without hour markers, maintaining a look of understated perfection. Other features include the facets on the sapphire crystal; the onyx cabochon crown and Chanel’s signature chain bracelet add an extra touch of non-ostentatious elegance to the overall effect.

Price wise, its 18k gold models range from about 13,000-25,000 euros depending on the dial and presence of diamonds, while the steel versions start at 3,600 euros (16mm wide) to 4,000 euros  (20mm wide), and go up 5,800 euros with diamonds.

Now at Luxe & Em, you have the opportunity to acquire this iconic timepiece in its stainless steel version for 1850 euros, a fraction of its original price. 

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